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Here is a link to our papers on arxiv.

Below you can find a list of publications we update once in a while 

Published papers

R. Ilan, E. Liberty, S. Even-Dar Mandel, and R. Lifshitz , “Electrons and phonons on the square Fibonacci tiling”, 
Ferroelectrics 305, 15 (2004)

R. Ilan, N. R. Cooper and A. Stern, “Longitudinal resistance of a quantum Hall system with a density gradient,”, 
Phys. Rev. B 73, 235333 (2006).

E Grosfeld, NR Cooper, A Stern, R Ilan, “Predicted signatures of p-wave superfluid phases and Majorana zero modes of fermionic atoms in rf absorption”
Physical Review B 76 (10), 104516

Roni Ilan, Eytan Grosfeld, Ady Stern, ”Coulomb blockade as a probe for non-Abelian statistics in Read-Rezayi states,” 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 086803 (2008)

Roni Ilan, Eytan Grosfeld, Kareljan Schoutens, Ady Stern,“Experimental signatures of non-Abelian statistics in clustered quantum Hall states”, 
Phys. Rev. B. 79, 245305 (2009).

Ady Stern, Bernd Rosenow, Roni Ilan, Bertrand I. Halperin, “Interference, Coulomb blockade, and the identification of non-abelian quantum Hall states” 
Phys. Rev. B. 82, 085321 (2010).

Roni Ilan, Bernd Rosenow, Ady Stern, “Signatures of non-Abelian statistics in non-linear coulomb blockaded transport”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 136801 (2011).

Roni Ilan, Jérôme Cayssol, Jens H. Bardarson, Joel E. Moore, ”Non-Equilibrium Transport Through a Gate-Controlled Barrier on the Quantum Spin Hall Edge”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 216602 (2012).

C. Karrasch, R. Ilan, J. E. Moore “Nonequilibrium thermal transport and its relation to linear response”,
Phys. Rev. B 88, 195129 (2013)

Roni Ilan, Jens H. Bardarson, H.-S. Sim, Joel E. Moore, “Detecting Perfect Transmission in Josephson Junctions on the Surface of Three Dimensional Topological Insulators”,
New J. Phys. 16, 053007 (2014)

Fernando de Juan, Roni Ilan, Jens H. Bardarson “Robust Transport Signatures of Topological Superconductivity in Topological Insulator Nanowires”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 107003 (2014)

Roni Ilan,Fernando de Juan, Joel E. Moore “Spin-based Mach-Zehnder interferometry in topological insulator p-n junctions” , 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 096802 (2015) 

Jan Dahlhaus, Roni Ilan, Daniel Freed, Michael Freedman, Joel E. Moore “Pumping conductance, the intrinsic anomalous Hall effect, and statistics of topological invariants”, 
Phys. Rev. B 91, 245107 (2015)

A. G. Grushin, J. W. F. Venderbos, A. Vishwanath, and R. Ilan, “Inhomogeneous Weyl and Dirac Semimetals: Transport in Axial Magnetic Fields and Fermi Arc Surface States from Pseudo-Landau Levels”, 
Phys. Rev. X 6, 041046 (2016)

Daniel Varjas, Adolfo G. Grushin, Roni Ilan, Joel E. Moore “Dynamical piezoelectric and magnetopiezoelectric effects in polar metals from Berry phases and orbital moments”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 257601 (2016)

Aaron Szasz, Roni Ilan, Joel E. Moore “Electrical and thermal transport in the quasiatomic limit of coupled Luttinger liquids”, 
Phys. Rev. B. 95, 085122 (2017)

M. R. Calvo, F. de Juan, R. Ilan, E. J. Fox, A. J. Bestwick, M. Muhlbauer, J. Wang, C. Ames, P. Leubner, C., S. C. Zhang, H. Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp, D. Goldhaber-Gordon “Interplay of chiral and helical states in a Quantum Spin Hall Insulator lateral junction”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 119, 226401 (2017)

Maja D. Bachmann, Nityan Nair, Felix Flicker, Roni Ilan, Tobias Meng, Nirmal J. Ghimire, Eric D. Bauer, Filip Ronning, James G. Analytis, Philip J. W. Moll “Inducing superconductivity in Weyl semimetal microstructures by selective ion sputtering”, 
Science Advances Vol. 3 No. 5 e1602983 (2017)

Yonit Hochberg, Yonatan Kahn, Mariangela Lisanti, Kathryn M. Zurek, Adolfo G. Grushin, Roni Ilan, Sinead M. Griffin, Zhen-Fei Liu, Sophie F. Weber, Jeffrey B. Neaton “Detection of sub-MeV Dark Matter with Three-Dimensional Dirac Materials”, 
Phys. Rev. D (2017)

Anffany Chen, R. Ilan, F. de Juan, D. I. Pikulin, M. Franz, “Quantum holography in a graphene flake with an irregular boundary”, 
Phys. Rev. Lett. 121, 036403 (2018)

Valerio Peri, Marc Serra-Garcia, Roni Ilan, Sebastian D. Huber, “Axial field induced chiral channels in an acoustic Weyl system”, 
Nature Physics 15 (4), 357 (2019). 

Fernando de Juan, Jens H. Bardarson, Roni Ilan, “Conditions for fully gapped topological superconductivity in topological insulator nanowires, arXiv:1810.09576
SciPost Phys. 6, 060 (2019)

Henrik Schou Røising, Roni Ilan, Tobias Meng, Steven H. Simon, Felix Flicker, “Finite temperature effects on Majorana bound states in chiral p-wave superconductors”
SciPost Phys. 6, 055 (2019)

Arbel Haim, Roni Ilan, Jason Alicea, “Quantum Anomalous Parity Hall Effect in Magnetically Disordered Topological Insulator Films”
Phys Rev Lett. 123. 046801 (2019)

Jan Behrends, Roni Ilan, Jens H. Bardarson,”Anomalous conductance scaling in strained Weyl semimetals”, arXiv:1802.00512 
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 032028 (2019)

Roni Ilan, Adolfo G. Grushin, Dmitry I. Pikulin, “Pseudo-electromagnetic fields in topological semimetals”, Review paper. 
Nature Reviews Physics, 1-13 (2019).

Emmanouil Xypakis, Jun-Won Rhim, Jens H. Bardarson, Roni Ilan, ``Perfect transmission in rippled topological insulator nanowires” arXiv:1712.06478 
Physical Review B 101 (4), 045401. (2020)

Dmitry I. Pikulin, Roni Ilan, “Bulk-boundary quantum oscillations in inhomogeneous Weyl semimetals”, arXiv:1802.00512 
New Journal of Physics 22 (1), 013035 (2020)

V Peri, T Dubček, A Valenti, R Ilan, SD Huber “Weyl orbits without an external magnetic field” Physical Review B 101 (23), 235117 (2020)

D Sabsovich, T Meng, DI Pikulin, R Queiroz, R Ilan
“Pseudo-field effects in type II semimetals: new probes for over-tilted Weyl cones” arXiv:2003.05316 (2020) 
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter Emerging Leaders 2020 Special Issue.


Submitted for publication/arxiv pre-prints

N Silberstein, J Behrends, M Goldstein, R Ilan, “Berry connection induced anomalous drift velocity in non-Hermitian systems”
arXiv:2004.13746 (2020). Under review in Phys. Rev. X

L Sirota, R Ilan, Y Shokef, Y Lahini, “Non-Newtonian Topological Mechanical Metamaterials Using Feedback Control”.  arXiv:2002.10607 (2020) Under review in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Lea Sirota, Daniel Sabsovich, Yoav Lahini, Roni Ilan, Yair Shokef, “Real-Time Steering of Curved Sound Beams in a Feedback-based Topological Acoustic Metamaterial”.  arXiv:2002.10607 (2020) Under review in MSSP.

Book chapters

R Ilan, E Grosfeld, K Schoutens, A Stern, Fabry-Perot interferometer and non-Abelian quantum Hall states, 
Perspectives Of Mesoscopic Physics: Dedicated to Yoseph Imry's 70th Birthday (2010)

 JH Bardarson, R Ilan, Transport in topological insulator nanowires
 Topological Matter (Springer, Cham) (2018)

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