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I'm a theoretical physicist, working in the field of condensed matter. My main research interests are mostly focused on emergent phenomena in topological matter, but I will work on any problem if I find it interesting enough :)

I did my Ph.D. at the Weizmann institute of science under the supervision of Prof. Ady Stern, where I worked mostly on the topic of non-Abelian quantum Hall states and topological superconductivity. I then moved to UC Berkeley to do my postdoc in the group of Prof. Joel Moore, where I continued to work on topological superconductivity and also extended my interests to include thermal and charge transport out of equilibrium in one-dimensional systems, and topological insulators. I then moved to Tel-Aviv university where I am now a senior lecturer and lead my own research group. 

My research is funded by the ISF, BSF, and MOST. 

 Honors awards and fellowships I received:

2012-2014 — National Postdoctoral Award for Advancing Women in Science.

2017-2020 — Alon Fellowship, awarded by the Israeli Council for Higher Education.

2018-2023— DFG Mercator Fellow.

2019-2020— The Israel Physical Society Jacob Bekenstein Prize for Young Scientists (Theoretical Physics).

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